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The fact that you recovered in just a few hours, rather than days, was icing on the cake.

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Reclaim Your Manhood – Starting Today!

Hello, my name is Jayson Hunter.

I’m a Registered Dietitian and America’s leading Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I’ve been a co-author of 2 Amazon bestselling books. Perhaps you’ve seen me on TV or in major newspapers...

I’ve specialized in researching nutritional breakthroughs for the past 12 years – helping hundreds of individuals break their nutritional addictions... lose weight... and reclaim the best body of their lives.

But nothing quite rocked my world like my latest discovery. Talk about perfect timing...

Every day, I see formerly virile athletes and tough guys who’ve lost their mojo. Their invincibility has been pierced. Almost overnight, they’ve suffered an embarrassment of shocks to their manhood:

  • Humiliating middle age spread
  • Decline in work performance
  • Aches and pains "syndrome”
  • Alarming sexual “dropoff”
  • Sagging muscle mass and the appearance of man boobs
  • Worrying forgetfulness... and a cloudy memory
  • Loss of self-confidence

Imagine their despair...

“How on earth did I go from healthy and fit at 30 or 35... to ‘washed up’ and feeling like I have one foot in the grave just a few short years later?”

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Practically all of these signs of “premature male aging” share one simple cause — and the exact same solution.

At its core is an all-natural energy herb that’s been working wonders for over 4,000 years ...

It’s an amazing story...

Did You See the Blockbuster Report on ABC’s Nightline?

On October 16, 2014 , the Nightline investigative team blew the lid off one the medical industry’s most preciously guarded secrets.

It’s called ‘Herbal Viagra’...

In this exclusive report, we see 62-year-old Chris Kilham -- who refers to himself professionally as the “Medicine Hunter” – sweating in the Malaysian rainforest ...

Why on earth would this man from Massachusetts travel to the far-flung jungles of Asia... watching three aboriginal men chop a knobby root out of the rich soil?

The Medicine Man scours the globe investigating natural remedies to make people younger, stronger and sexier. His specialty is libido-enhancing botanicals. In my professional opionion, he’s now uncovered the real deal.

Tongkat Ali – aka Long Jack -- is a slender tree reaching about 30 feet in height. It’s also one of the most powerful aphrodisiac plants on earth.

But not the bark… or the leaves. The secret medicinal properties are hidden ONLY in the root. And here’s why you should take note...

Clinic-based trials prove that Long Jack root extract contains an entire suite of beneficial compounds, including potent protective antioxidants which inhibit cellular aging. This same root is the basis for a traditional remedy for treatment of malaria, high blood pressure, fevers, fatigue, loss of sexual desire, and impotence.

But it’s the latest research related to Long Jack’s testosterone-boosting abilities that caught my eye.

As pointed out in the program, years of painstaking research by Dr. Johari Saad paved the way. A Fulbright scholar and prominent scientist , Dr. Saad developed a proprietary method for extracting the beneficial compounds from the root. His Long Jack extract has been used extensively in both human and animal studies.

What did he find? The results are nothing short of eye-popping…

As Dr. Saad explained, “We’ve witnessed four main category changes: Increased testosterone, increased energy, inhibition of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), and increased muscle mass.”

When his extract was tested on animals, he discovered they tended to COPULATE 3-4 TIMES MORE FREQUENTLY than normal. This is directly due to heightened levels of testosterone.

Heck, it even increases sexual activity in castrated animals!

And guess what.

The same testosterone-boosting effect is playing out in human studies, too. In laboratory tests on human testicular tissue, Long Jack extract increased the formation of testosterone by an incredible 400%.

No wonder the Medicine Hunter had this to say on Nightline:

"You take people who have low libido... you give them Long Jack... It’s Chinese New Year’s fireworks in their pants. It works."

The Secret Weapon for Elite Athletes

As one of America’s most prominent strength and conditioning experts, I’ve known about Long Jack’s ability to boost testosterone naturally for many years.

A multitide of double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies support this conclusion.

One study focused on the effect Long Jack has on endurance. I suspect you won’t be signing up for a a 24-hour mountain biking event anytime soon, but it highlights an important point...

30 male athletes were split into two groups. Approximately 30 minutes before the endurance test, 15 subjects were given 100mg of Long Jack, while the remaining 15 were given a placebo.

The men were asked to provide saliva samples before and after each 14.91-mile lap. In all, they completed four laps and provided 8 saliva samples over a 24-hour period.

The results of this extreme exercise event are instructive...

Samples revealed that testosterone levels were 16.4% higher in the men who took the Long Jack! And the cortisol levels of the men in this control group were 32.3% lower than the levels of the men in the placebo group.

Scientific PROOF You Can “Roll Back the Clock”

Until recently, Long Jack was marketed primarily to bodybuilders because studies like these suggest it can greatly boost testosterone production – an aid to muscle development.

But it would be a mistake to think of Long Jack as an exclusive weapon of elite athletes...

Allow me to summarize a second study with special significance for the weekend warrior who works out or competes only occasionally.

Again, we have a placebo-controlled study (the gold standard for clinical research), and this one was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine ...

A group of 14 healthy men were involved in a structured weight-training program for a period of 5 weeks. Researchers discovered that for men taking Long Jack, "the lean body mass of the treatment group showed a significant increment, from 52.26 (7.18) kg to 54.39 (7.43) kg (p = 0.012)."

Researchers also found "the increase in strength in the treatment group was larger than in the placebo group (6.78% and 2.77% respectively)… The mean arm circumference of the treatment group increased significantly by 1.8 cm after the supplementation… while there was no significant increase in the placebo group."

Their professional conclusion...

A water soluble extract of Long Jack increases fat free mass, reduces body fat, and increases muscle strength and size.

So even the Average Joe stands to benefit tremendously! Now let’s look at what’s going on just below the surface...

Bring Out Your “Caveman Instincts”

Let’s face it. Everywhere you turn, you run head first into stress.

The job... spouse... kids... traffic... never ending bills.

And stress can kill. The American Academy of Family Physicians reports that 2/3 of all doctor visits are due to stress-related ailments .

During a hard workout, your stress levels rise as the hormones cortisol and adrenaline flood into your bloodstream. Ever wonder why you can sometimes perform “Godzilla-like” feats when under the gun?

It’s simpy an adrenaline rush – emphasizing your body’s instinctive ‘fight or flight’ response.

Too much stress means too much adrenaline is released. And that’s not good. Your heart beat races faster and faster... your blood pressure soars... and the glucose your body needs to create energy can TURN OFF COMPLETELY.

The result? You feel utterly wiped out. Physically and mentally drained.

Thank Goodness for a Russian Breakthrough...

Russian scientists have proven it’s possible to prevent – even REVERSE -- the damaging effects of stress during your workout program.

This discovery is based on something called “adaptogens”. These are 100% natural compounds that strengthen your body’s defenses against stress. What makes them special? They boost your body’s resistance to physical (heat, cold and exertion), chemical (toxins and heavy metals) and biological (bacteria and viruses) stressors .

They help modulate your body’s stress response so it does not overreact to extreme physical, mental, emotional or chemical stress which robs your cells of vital energy.

Champion athletes know all this.

Now it’s time for you to start reaping the same rewards...

Taking adaptogens during your intense training prepares and protects your body from the added stress of exercise... allowing you to train, lift, curl and race at a much higher level.

And according to scientists, what is one of the most potent adaptogens available to man?

You guessed it. Testosterone!

Go from ‘Low T’ to ‘MIGHTY’ in Record Time!

Testosterone is a golden colored substance that is produced 100% naturally in your testes. In short, it’s the key ingredient that helps a man…well…be a man! During puberty, testosterone is responsible for the development of male attributes like a deeper voice, thick beard, and body hair .

I like to call the essential “male hormone” ‘Big T’ since that’s how specialists refer to it .

Sure, women produce it as well. But guys generate 10 to 20 times as much testosterone as most women do .

That’s why I’m writing this letter to you.

If you’re one of millions of men suffering from ‘Low T’, you could be in serious trouble.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the Big T is a major contributor to keeping you healthy. It plays a key role in regulating bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength, red blood cell production, sex drive and even sperm production .

The connection between testosterone and your sexual well being is well documented.

So is its impact on a man’s power... endurance... and booming confidence level.

I’m here to confirm once and for all that you STOP Low T from turning you into a ‘girlie man’. That you can turn it all around once and for all – and reclaim the best body of your life!

Not relying on some temporary, quick-fix, or band-aid solution either. I’m talking about a profound... lasting... and PERMANENT SOLUTION.

Just don’t ignore one crucial message until it’s too late...

Your ‘He Hormone’ Levels Plummet as You Get Older

It’s really not your fault that you feel energy sapping away as you go from 35... to 45... 55... 65 and beyond.

No surprise that it’s harder to do those reps... keep those abs in tip-top shape... and achieve a peak workout in record time.

It happens to the best of us. Sooner or later, we all have to deal with the dreaded droop.

Fact is, Big T peaks during adolescence and early adulthood. As you get older, your testosterone level gradually declines — typically about 1 percent a year after age 30 .

So how far from peak Big T production are you right now?

Before you rush out to your nearest CVS or Walmart and grab the cheapest testosterone supplement you can find... opt for gels or creams that can cost up to $400 per month ... or ask your M.D. about expensive injections that need to be taken every 2 weeks .

I need to make something absolutely clear.

Buyer Beware

In my professional opinion, the best and safest way to recharge your Big T level is to pursue a 100% natural, non-invasive solution. One boasting only top-tier ingredients that will trigger your body to manufacture its own natural testosterone supply.

The Medicine Hunter, countless research studies, and my own clinical experience have convinced me that Long Jack is the best, safest, and most natural way to achieve this.

But please keep in mind that all Long Jack is NOT created equal...

Here’s a helpful bit of advice. When you see Long Jack mentioned on a bottle, pay special attention to the numbers immediately after the name. Critically, that’s the extract ratio and the standardization – your clue to the exact strength of the formula.

For example, you’ll see plenty of 50:1 products out there. That means 50 grams of Long Jack root was used to produce one gram of the extract contained in the product.

Don’t touch those with a 10-foot pole. They’re inferior in my opinion.

On the other hand you have JayLab Pro T20, which is delivering stupendous results for my patients -- and which I’m releasing to the general public today. This unique formulation contains a whopping 100 grams of Long Jack to produce 1 gram of the extract (100:1)!

Please insist on a 100:1 formulation like JayLab Pro T20.
Sure, it may cost a few pennies more, but ...

Great News! My Biochemists Didn’t Stop There...

There’s no denying that a revolutionary new formula with Long Jack in a 100:1 ratio is a great foundation for fighting the effects of premature aging… and rejuvenating your tired body.

Well, I’m thrilled to say my formulators went beyond the call of duty this time…

In addition to using a premier grade and strength of Long Jack, they added FIVE of the most formidable Age Fighters known to mankind. This potent blend of ingredients was carefully selected to help males over 40 return to their glory days – and each works in its own unique way.

Take a look at everything coming your way…for unparalleled nutritional support:

Introducing the Exclusive JayLab Pro T20 6-Pack Formula:

Yes, it’s possible to find other ‘Low T’ products offering one or two of these potent new male performance enhancing ingredients.

For example, I know of cheaper versions containing miniscule amounts of these active ingredients -- effectively making them useless. I refuse to go this route...

Instead, I demand the ‘gold standard’ of supplement testing.

IMPORTANT: We use HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) testing and receive certificates of authenticity to confirm we are using the very best of these botanical ingredients. So RELAX -- and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing we always use ingredients at therapeutic levels. Guaranteed!

Remember, to the best of my knowledge, JayLab Pro T20 is the ONE and ONLY solution that combines all of these premier quality ingredients into a unique formula.

It is the ONLY formula that unleashes an Rx-strength jolt of INSTANT ENERGY!

The Ultimate Male Enhancement, Age-Defying Miracle Pill!

My team spent thousands of hours perfecting this unique formula. Only now am I 100% satisfied that we have the perfect combination of ingredients to call it the “Ultimate Male Age-Defying Miracle”.

It’s like nothing else you’ll find in the shops... online... or in any health catalog.

Here’s my commitment to YOU:

You can trust that JayLab Pro T20 meets my demanding standards as America’s #1 Strength and Conditioning expert. It contains specific nutrients – in exact doses -- shown in human clinical studies to provide the greatest strength and endurance benefits for men like you.

What’s more, I guarantee you won’t find this premier quality nutrient complex anywhere else in the world, at any price.

Remember, it will take years – if not decades -- for America’s medical community to sign off on the tremendous benefits proven in these medical research studies. Thousands of hours will be wasted conducting exhaustive research to confirm what you and I know today.

That’s OK if if you’re only 20 or 30… but if you’re over age 40 there’s not a day to waste. I strongly urge you to capitalize on these “youthful aging” findings while there’s plenty of time to enjoy the amazing results.

In the gym... in the boardroom... and in the bedroom!

But there’s no need to take my word for it. We have plenty of extremely satisfied customers already.

Thanks to JayLab Pro T20, my testosterone level went from the upper 400’s to the mid to upper 900’s. Keep up the good work!


I’ve seen ‘some’ results with other ‘T’-enhancing supplements, but none as dramatic as I’ve seen with T20. Saving up for my next order.


These are my husband Mike’s comments. He felt more “recovered” after training the next day after hitting the weights pretty hard and that made a big difference for him and his energy levels were not super low but not like when he was in his 30’s and 40’s. Thanks Jayson!

Suanne & Mike R. - SATISFIED JayLab Pro T20 CUSTOMER

T20 did help increase lean muscle tissue, but it also made me feel better - more energy, more alert, and better mood.
-Jeffery P.

My husband took it for one week and it was like night & day! T20 really does work -- I tell everyone I know about it. Thanks for a great product that really does what it says!
-Chrissy B.

Due to my testosterone level being on the low side as per my blood test, I have decided to purchase JayLab Pro T20. After trying JayLab Pro T20 just after 2 months, I was extremely impressed with the results compared to previous tesosterone boosters I have tried in the past. Thanks to JayLab Pro T20, my testosterone level went from the upper 400’s to the mid to upper 900’s. Thanks JayLab Pro! Keep up the good work!
-Justin P.

Reading the ingredients and how it may help increase strength to do my workouts is what I need. I am 56 years old, in the best health of my life since my early 40’s, I still need energy and strength to do a great workout, not get through the workout!
-Richard B.

Have tried many other “natural remedies” to no avail. Even saw a Doctor and got a testosterone replacement $$$. Tried T20 and I will never look back.
-J W.

I have been using JayLab Pro T20 for a fair while now and it delivers what you said it would. Thank you.
-Nick C.

I have never regretted taking it - always loved how it made me feel in recapturing a bit of my youth.
-Matthew R.

What Are You Waiting For? Seize Control of Your Destiny!

I should tell you – as a registered dietitian and personal fitness trainer with over 12 years of experience – helping patients lose weight, get fit and stay healthy is what I do. Nearly all day, every day.

I know firsthand what it takes to put patients on the road toward restoring the energy, stamina, and exuberance of their youth.

I can honestly say I’ve NEVER seen a male performance breakthrough as significant as this one.

Mind you, I already had a hunch based on my own experience with patients. But now that I have scientific evidence behind me, I can guarantee you:

Let JayLab Pro T20 Spark a Brand New You!

Let me close with a quick summary of why I am 100% confident JayLab Pro T20 is the best option out there for you, ANYWHERE and AT ANY PRICE:

IMPORTANT: Remember I said how hard it is to find and harvest the miraculous root of the Long Jack tree? It’s crucial you buy TODAY because all JayLab Pro T20 ingredients are difficult and costly for us to acquire. As a result, we source in limited quantities – and could run out at any moment.

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